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NZ Immigration playing catchup!

New Zealand Immigration have been forced by a recent court case to complete the processing of residence applications submitted offshore while the NZ border was still open. This is on the basis that at the time the applications were submitted did not contain any border restrictions on residence visa holders.

Immigration NZ had started processing the applications without finalising decisions but this has now changed.

Around 4,000 people offshore who already hold resident visas but who were not able to travel are also covered by the High Court decision. This means these visa holders can now come here if they meet Air Border Order requirements (such as holding vouchers for Managed Isolation and Quarantine and undertaking pre departure tests). Those granted a visa under the 2021 Resident Visa category will also be able to travel to New Zealand if they are granted their visa while overseas.

People eligible to travel to New Zealand must still secure a spot in Managed Isolation and Quarantine. Those who travel later in 2022 may be able to enter without quarantining, depending on the border restrictions in place.

New Border Exceptions

Better late than never we suppose, The Government has announced new border exceptions to allow skilled workers into New Zealand while our border restrictions are in place.

There are new exceptions for the Technology sector, covering 4 categories and will enable 600 specialist tech workers and their partners and dependent children to come to New Zealand, targeting areas of the sector most in need of overseas talent, including software development, product managers, cyber security and interactive media.

Other new border exceptions include:

· 180 external auditors (plus partners and dependent children). External auditors need to be earning at least: - $70,000 a year for auditors with two to three years’ relevant experience - $85,000 a year for auditors with at least four years’ relevant experience

· 50 wool handlers, with at least one season’s experience in a similar jurisdiction and paid at least $30 an hour

Existing exceptions also have been renewed:

· 200 rural contractors paid at least $27 an hour

· 40 shearers

· 615 deep-sea fishing crew (to enter in September and October 2022)

· 30 travellers per month nominated by Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to transit New Zealand on the way home to Australia

· 550 cargo crew servicing the Pacific to undertake managed isolation in New Zealand

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