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Utilities Jobs

Utilities Jobs in New Zealand

About the Utilities Industry in New Zealand

Power and utilities fuel New Zealand’s economic expansion through resources such as oil, gas, electricity, coal and services such as waste management.


The way we produce and manage utilities has changed considerably compared to previous decades. As advances in technology and engineering are implemented here, the utilities industry is being increasingly influenced by changes in technology, manufacturing and government policies.


Demands upon utilities due to population growth means that those in the sector are always expanding and seeking innovative solutions to keep pace with other developed nations, while bearing in mind the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change.


We derive 82% of our electricity from renewable resources, making New Zealand one of the greenest countries in the world in terms of electricity generation.


The utilities industry in New Zealand shares challenges faced by the sector internationally: minimizing environmental impact, maintaining a secure, reliable infrastructure, and keeping consumer costs low.

Recruitment Agencies we recommend



Tradestaff is New Zealand's leading supplier of temporary and permanent workers to the trade sector. With 12 locations throughout the country Tradestaff has a broad range of work available now – from unskilled to highly specialised.

Rob Law Max

Rob Law Max recruitment

We understand that professionals within the Power, Energy and Mining industry are often in short supply, particularly within the Renewable Energy sector.



Sub-sectors of the Power Industry

  • Equipment Manufacturing

  • Generation

  • Transmission & Distribution

  • Nuclear Power

  • Fossil Fuels

  • Renewable Projects

Jobs and Roles in the Power Industry

  • Project Management

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Project Controls

  • Civil Engineering

  • Structural Engineering

  • Process Engineering

  • Health, Safety & Environmental

  • Commercial

  • Procurement


The world is becoming increasingly wireless, leading to demands on current infrastructure and requiring updates to existing networks. The roll-out of 5G mobile communication networks in 2020 is set to create many more jobs and prompt drastic changes in the way that many businesses operate. Having access to this utility means that digital expansion - a trend already beginning to dominate the majority of industries - will be more accessible.

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