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About the Resources and Energy Industry in New Zealand

New Zealand's abundant and diverse energy resources have long underpinned our economy. The challenge is to meet New Zealand's energy needs in a way that supports our way of life, the economy and the environment.


The New Zealand Energy Strategy 2011-2021 sets out 4 priority areas:

  • Diverse resource development

  • Environmental responsibility

  • Efficient use of energy

  • Secure and affordable energy


New Zealand currently has 18 natural gas fields, with 13 onshore and 5 offshore. The country’s biggest user of gas is Methanex, which uses natural gas as a feedstock to produce methanol. Natural gas is also used for electricity and energy generation, urea production, as a transport fuel, and for industrial and residential purposes.

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Tradestaff is New Zealand's leading supplier of temporary and permanent workers to the trade sector. With 12 locations throughout the country Tradestaff has a broad range of work available now – from unskilled to highly specialised.

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Rob Law Max Recruitment

We understand that professionals within the Power, Energy and Mining industry are often in short supply, particularly within the Renewable Energy sector.

Locations of Resources and Energy Jobs

Taranaki is now New Zealand’s foremost energy region and home to around 90% of the New Zealand industry, providing over 4000 full time jobs in the immediate region, and around 6000 full time jobs nationally.

Although New Zealand’s oil and gas sector is well established, there are many unexplored areas throughout the country and its waters. With the Government marketing these opportunities to national and international investors the industry is set to expand even further.

Coal mining also started in New Zealand around the mid 1800s, as a result of the West Coast gold rush. Fast-forward to present day and the West Coast is still the coal mining centre of the country, being home to the largest coal mine in New Zealand, and producing 100% of our export coal.

The Future of Resources and Energy in New Zealand

While oil and gas supplies are necessary, New Zealand also has a firm focus on renewable energy. Our stunning geography of mountains, valleys, rivers, and oceans provide opportunities for hydro power and wind energy.


In fact, the proportion of New Zealand’s primary energy supply that came from renewable resources was 37% in 2012 – the third highest in the OECD, only behind Iceland and Norway. This is due to the high levels of hydro and geothermal energy used for electricity generation.

With access to geothermal energy, untapped solar energy, and extensive farming and forestry options, there’s a lot more options to explore, and the Government has now committed to having 90% of electricity generation from renewable sources by 2025. This means that there are likely to be more jobs opening up in the future for innovators.

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