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Executive Management & General Management Jobs


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Lawson Executive


Lawson Executive was established in 1991 and  identifies and attracts Senior Leaders our New Zealand based clients.

About the Executive Management & General Management Industry in New Zealand

Managing directors/chief executives organise and take responsibility for the effective operation of an organisation.

In addition to a base salary, some managing directors/chief executives may receive benefits such as a car or pension.

Some managing directors, particularly those who work for themselves, may have a share in the ownership of the company and therefore only take a small salary from the company.


DGA Recruitment

The DGA team have developed a reputation as recruitment experts in the New Zealand Banking, Finance, Accounting and Commercial sectors.

About the Job

Managing directors/chief executives may do some or all of the following:

  • Provide the overall leadership, direction and management of an organisation

  • Lead the development of an organisational culture supporting the values and objectives of the business

  • Ensure strategic and business plans are in place and monitored

  • Ensure realistic goals are set for an organisation, and that these goals are met

  • Ensure the organisation complies with company law and other relevant legislation

  • Monitor financial performance and make sure the organisation remains profitable

  • Manage risks to the organisation

  • Ensure the organisation's policies and procedures are followed

  • Consult with management staff on issues

  • Report regularly to stakeholders, often through the board of directors

  • Act as a bridge between the organisation, its shareholders and the outside world

  • Represent the organisation at conferences and official occasions.


Within the managers’ occupation there are numerous specialisations and fields, as managers are employed across all industries. There are also many common management tasks, including planning, organisation, budgeting and staff responsibilities.

These common tasks mean that managers often move quite easily across different fields and industries. 

Demand for Managers

Chances of getting a job as a managing director/chief executive are good for people with relevant qualifications and experience.

The demand for managers, especially experienced managers, is high. This can result in a high income. There is also quite a high rate of people leaving management because of stress in the role. Managers also tend to be older workers and so retirement creates more vacancies in this occupation.


Managing directors/chief executives with relevant experience have a higher chance of employment as it is a high risk position and employers usually prefer those with a proven track record. To increase your chances, be prepared to move or travel for a position.

Opportunities for private sector chief executive roles are highest in Auckland and other urban centres. Opportunities for public sector chief executive roles are highest in Wellington.

Related Occupations

  • Managing Director/Chief Executive

  • Advertising, Sales and Marketing Manager

  • Finance Manager

  • Procurement Manager

  • Health Services Manager

  • Information Technology Manager

  • Retail Manager

  • Management Consultant

  • Project Manager

  • Office Manager

Industry Snapshots

  • $120K-$700K per year - Salary of managing directors/chief executives in the public sector

  • $120K-$1M per year - Salary of managing directors/chief executives in the private sector

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Start 2020 with a new challenge;Experienced Operations Manager needed;Must have at least 3 years Project Management experience (at least 1 year in NZ).;Must have relevant Tertiary Qualification

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Due to natural growth my client are looking to appoint a production supervisor to Join their vibrant and energetic team

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