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About the Marketing and Communications Industry in New Zealand

New trends in media consumption have shaken up the Marketing and Communications industry. Even the traditional advertising agency model has been forced to adapt.

There is currently a huge demand for content marketing specialists across New Zealand. Many companies are bringing digital content marketing in-house and depending less on agencies. They are seeing the potential for growth from this medium, so demand is growing for skilled professionals for full-time roles.

The Marketing and Communications industry has experienced strong levels of advertising relative to the past five years. January saw a 1% year-on-year slip for the sector and the average advertised salary was $79,538. Despite this small decline, experts say there are still great opportunities for candidates in the market.

The Future of Marketing and Communications

Meanwhile, job advertisements in the Advertising, Arts and Media industry grew by 7% year-on-year and the average advertised salary was $70,154. Digital communication is also having a significant impact on the industry. Traditional agency roles used to include account executives, account managers and account directors but now that’s starting to change. Traditional job titles are starting to drop off and we’re seeing growth in titles such digital campaign managers and social media managers.

Digital communication is key. If you’re looking for your next role in brand management, you’ll be pleased to know there were 40% more job opportunities advertised in January than the same time the year before. Event management prospects were also up by 81% and while digital and search marketing opportunities increased by 10% year-on-year. The consensus is that digital skills are key in these roles.

New forms of media consumption have created opportunities for creative marketers to boost their client’s or employer’s brand.

Having regular content marketing, good blogs and a strong social media presence drives more traffic to websites, resulting in higher uptake on services. This strategy is comparable to television advertising at a far lower cost.

Content marketing is an ever-changing industry and the only way any agency will survive is by being fluid and responsive and able to change quite quickly.

Traditional advertising agencies have also adjusted their model to the changing media landscape.

Skills and Qualities that Employers Looks for in Marketing Professionals

One of the biggest demands in this industry is for candidates who are passionate about producing creative campaigns. Attention grabbing campaigns are a company’s best resource for driving sales.

A passion for digital communication is a must, as well as candidates with strong communication skills. An ability to understand different audiences and how to communicate with them is a huge advantage.