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About the Call Centre and Customer Service Sector in New Zealand

Large and small firms alike are always on the lookout for professional and competent call centre staff and customer service representatives. In these roles, you are the face or voice of the company you represent, and usually are the main point of contact between the company and the consumer.


It’s important to understand the values of the company you work for and to show those values to the customer through your communication with them.


While everyone loves a bargain, it’s the customer service that really creates brand loyalty among consumers. This is why call centres have high expectations when it comes to delivering customer service and driving sales.


Experts estimate that, by 2020, customer experience and how businesses treat people will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. New Zealand businesses are paying attention to this and are moving to put their customers at the centre of everything they do. In order to carry this out well, they need people with outstanding skills in customer service.


Excelling in call centre and customer service roles can often lead to promotions within the company. Promotions are generally limited to team leader or supervisor positions that build on the skills developed working in customer contact.

Working in Customer Contact in New Zealand

There are no qualifications required for general customer contact jobs, as companies will provide in-house training geared towards their specific requirements. However, there are qualifications available after you have employment experience in this area.


For some customer contact jobs, a qualification may be required in a specialty area such as IT.


It is very important to have a calm demeanour and be able to cope with situations where the person you are dealing with might be upset, frustrated, or angry. You will likely deal with complaints, problems, and challenging customers, so having the ability to listen and respond calmly is a must.

Major Sectors Requiring Customer Service and Call Centre Staff

  • Banking

  • Finance

  • Insurance

  • Telecommunications

  • Third party call centres

Occupations Related to Customer Service

  • Administration Officer

  • Call Centre Worker

  • Contact Centre Worker

  • Information Technology Helpdesk/Support Technician

  • Receptionist

  • Sales Representative

  • Supervisor

  • Team Leader

  • Telemarketer

Industry Snapshots

45,000 - Average salary of a contact centre worker