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Hunter Campbell

HunterCampbell Recruitment

The Hunter Campbell team have been there, done that. Together, Ken, Lee and John bring together 65 years of pretty serious experience.

About the Consultation and Strategy Sector in New Zealand

Management consultants work with organisations to solve problems and recommend improvements to strengthen business performance. They help these organisations grow by identifying points of weakness and developing new and better ways of doing things. Both public and private sector businesses work with consultants to improve and develop their services, and to save money where necessary.

Demand for Skills

Chances of getting a job are best for management consultants who have at least two years' experience, as they are in high demand by employers, while chances of getting a job as a new entrant are average due to strong competition among graduates for a limited number of vacancies.

Functions and Consultant Roles

Consulting roles require a fairly broad skill set and specialist knowledge in one or more fields. In order to succeed as a consultant, you’ll need outstanding communication and problem solving skills, as well as the ability to see things from a bird's eye view. You’ll also need to be an attentive listener and know the right questions to ask in order to get to the heart of an issue.


Meet with clients and do research to understand an organisation
Discuss the problems or issues an organisation is facing
Research solutions and improvements that can be made
Prepare business reports, proposals and presentations
Provide clients with solutions and strategies to reach those solutions.

Skills Required for Consultation Roles

Specialist knowledge of the field they work in, such as commerce or law
Knowledge of relevant laws
Knowledge of business and technology systems
Interviewing and research skills
Management and leadership skills
Change management skills
Relationship management skills
Presentation skills.

For Visa Applicants: Roles On the Skills Shortages List

These jobs do not fall under the skills shortage list, however they qualify as part of a skill level classification that can help support a visa application.


Management Consultant

Travel Consultant

Security Consultant

Insurance Consultant

Recruitment Consultant

Industry Snapshots

  • $50K-$100K - Consultants with up to five years’ experience

  • $100K-$250K - Highly skilled and experienced consultants

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