Construction Jobs in New Zealand

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About the Construction Industry

The construction sector in New Zealand employs around 170,000 people across a range of jobs. Construction and maintenance of infrastructure and buildings is an incredibly important part of the economy and influences productivity in the majority of other sectors. The quality of this work also impacts the welfare of New Zealanders in general, from creating safe housing to safe built environments.


The latest reports on the construction industry in New Zealand show increasing growth across all sectors and sub-sectors. They also stress that the industry is an integral part of a highly complex ecosystem which includes regulators, planning authorities, materials manufacturers and suppliers, property developers and a range of professional service providers.

Demand for Skills in the Construction Sector

Construction is a labour intensive activity and many firms report difficulty in recruiting skilled and experienced labour.


The construction sector covers a wide range of jobs and skill-sets, from tradespeople and labourers through to project managers and engineers. The industry is experiencing an unprecedented increase in workload following earthquake damage in some major centres like Canterbury and Wellington. There is also a massive demand for housing mostly centred in Auckland but generally nation-wide.


The biggest concentration of construction workers and jobs is in Auckland, followed by Canterbury, then Wellington, then the Waikato.

Sub-Sectors of the Construction Sector

Building Construction

  • Residential Building

  • Non-residential Building

Heavy and Civil Engineering

Construction Services

  • Land Development and Site Preparation

  • Building Structure Services

  • Building Installation Services

  • Building Completion Services

  • Other Construction Services

Popular Jobs in Construction

  • Construction Director – Civil Engineering

  • Regional Finance Director – PFI/PPP Contracts

  • Project Manager – Construction Contractor

  • Senior Management Accountant – Special Projects Construction

  • Senior Architectural Designer – Civil Engineering

  • Group Financial Analyst – National Construction Contractor

  • Engineering Manager – Offshore Renewable Developer

  • Project Accountant – Leading Construction Contractor

For Visa Applicants: Roles On the Skills Shortages List

If you are offered a job which appears on the list below, and you have the qualifications and experience to match, getting a work visa will be easier. This is because the government has identified that employers need to recruit people from overseas to help meet demand for your skills.


Because construction tends to be a boom-and-bust industry heavily influenced by business cycles and variables like the weather, the industry often experiences skill shortages and a difficulty in upskilling employees.


In boom times skill gaps tend to be met through immigration. Immigrants skilled in construction may therefore be well considered for visa approval.


  • Building Inspector

  • Building Surveyor

  • Construction Project Manager

  • Surveying or Spatial Science Technician

  • Surveying Technician

  • Project Builder

  • Quantity Surveyor

  • Surveyor

Industry Snapshots

  • 170,000 - People employed in the construction sector

  • 5th - Largest sector in NZ

  • 7.6% - of the workforce employed in construction jobs

  • 30% - Increase in employment numbers between 2002-2012

  • 44,000 - Number of people employed in building of residential and non-residential buildings

  • $30 billion + - Construction sector’s average annual contribution to the economy