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Sales representatives promote, market and sell products or services to business and professional establishments, or wholesale or retail outlets. This role is integral to the functioning of product, service, and sales-based businesses, and sales representatives are often the face that represents the company. It’s important to be well-presented, confident, and good with people if you wish to pursue a career in sales.


Sales representatives earn a salary and may also earn bonuses based on meeting sales targets.


According to Careers NZ, chances of getting a job as a sales representative are good due to growth in retail sales.

Responsibilities of Sales Representatives

  • Visit clients to talk about, demonstrate and take orders for products and services

  • Arrange contract and payment details, and for delivery or installation of products

  • Train clients in how to use products

  • Answer client enquiries, deal with complaints and arrange for servicing of faulty goods

  • Keep sales records and predict future market trends

  • Find and contact potential clients, and develop sales ideas to attract more clients

  • Organise sales budgets

Demand and Areas of Specialty

Retail sales have been growing in recent years. This should lead to increased numbers of jobs for sales representatives.


Sales representatives often specialise in particular types of products in various retail or wholesale firms. Sales representatives may move into related fields, such as advertising and marketing.

After gaining experience, some sales representatives start their own businesses selling products.

Roles in Sales

The following occupations are related roles or alternative titles. Some of the roles may require a higher level of skill than entry-level sales representatives.

  • Advertising, Sales, and Marketing Manager

  • Agricultural Field Representative

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Insurance Agent

  • Marketing Representative

  • Retail Sales Assistant

  • Sales Representative

  • Salesperson

Industry Snapshots

$45K-$60K p/a

Average salary of sales representatives in small to medium-sized companies

$50K-$70K p/a

Average salary for those working for large companies