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About the Health & Safety and Compliance & Risk Industry in New Zealand

The Health & Safety / Compliance & Risk industry broadly comprises roles involved in workplace safety, safety procedures, management of risk, and investigation and record of workplace accidents.


40% of this industry is comprised of:


  • Construction

  • Agriculture (combined with dairy)

  • Healthcare and logistics

  • Manufacturing


These areas are the highest risk for health and safety, so require the most robust safety measures.


In New Zealand a high number of industry professionals work in education, training, public administration and safety – reflecting a high number working in general safety consulting roles, as well as for governmental and or regulatory bodies.


There has been an increased focus on health and safety in the workplace recently, with the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) 2015 in April 2016. This shake-up in the industry has increased demand for skilled workers within the industry, much of which seems to come from stakeholders’ needs to understand and comply with the new regulatory environment.


The industry values highly experienced professionals but is also open to new graduates: 34% of employees in the industry in New Zealand have more than 15 years experience, and 27% have less than 5 years experience. New Zealand businesses generally are highly engaged with the industry, with 90% of businesses reporting they understood what health and safety professionals could do for them.

Health & Safety/ Compliance & Risk Chief Tasks

  • Develop policies and procedures to minimise workplace hazards

  • Identify hazards and risks that may affect the health of workers

  • Educate and train staff in managing workplace risks

  • Encourage staff to participate in health and safety procedures

  • Inspect workplaces to check health and safety procedures are followed

  • Record and investigate incidents and injuries, and equipment damage

  • Help injured staff return to work

  • Prepare reports on safety performance

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