Warehouse/Shipping & Freight Jobs

About the Warehouse, Shipping and Freight Industry in New Zealand

Businesses in this sector provide services for the transportation of passengers and freight by road, rail, water, pipeline or air. It also includes the provision of goods warehousing and storage activities that support transport logistics.


Organisations that provide support activities such as stevedoring, harbour, navigation and airport operations and customs agency services are also included. Given the complexities of co-ordinating transport activities, the services provided by this sector are grouped together under the umbrella of transport logistics.

The transport logistics activities provided by this sector support the local economy and provide an essential service to export industries by enabling the efficient movement of goods to external markets. In line with the sector’s support-player role in the economy, activity has historically been closely linked to wider economic performance.

Recruitment Agencies we recommend

Lawson Williams

LawsonWillias Recruitment

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FreightWise Recruitment

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Demand in Warehouse, Shipping and Freight

Transport logistics demand is largely driven by the performance of the following sectors:

  • Agriculture and Food Processing

  • General Manufacturing

  • High Value-Added Manufacturing

  • Mining

  • Retail

  • Construction


As these sectors boom, so too does the demand on transport logistics. Many of these sectors are subject to business cycles and periods of boom and bust, so those in managerial positions within warehouse, shipping, and freight will need to be sure that they undertake some services that will always be in demand.

The Future of Warehouse, Shipping and Freight

Between now and 2031 the transport logistics task in New Zealand is expected to increase by about 70-75 percent compared to 2006. Growth in Canterbury is expected to be above the national average.

Agriculture will be a key driver in the growth of activity in the city. The Transport Logistics sector is a key service sector enabling the delivery of primary produce to national and international markets. Large increases in agricultural productivity are expected.