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About the Consumer Products Sector in New Zealand

With a growing online market, the consumer products sector in New Zealand is experiencing a good shake-up. The challenge is to encourage consumers to purchase from New Zealand companies whether in person or online, but this is an industry that needs some strategy developed and applied.

The Future of Consumer Products

In-person buying is predicted to continue in the face of an online marketplace, in the same way that elevators don’t negate the need for stairs. However, consumer products companies are fast waking up to the online power of the consumer. “Hashtag Activism” and review culture are forcing brands to consider the way they market, what values they align themselves with, and how to effectively reach and connect with their audiences.


Developments in technology are also allowing consumers to virtually test and try on products like clothing, eyewear, and makeup. In some instances, consumers are even invited to take part in the in the design of new products.


Powerful trends towards digitisation, personalisation, and brand transparency mean that job opportunities in consumer products are expanding and many companies are on the lookout for new talent to help drive new initiatives.


Trends in eco-friendly and organic products are also having an effect on the consumer products industry. Sharing and renting products and services are also seeing an up-swing, from rental high-fashion items to coworking spaces to shared transport solutions (those in large centres will have noticed the appearance of bike-shares as an affordable means of transport around cities).

Roles in Consumer Products Sector

  • Product Manager

  • Salesperson

  • Market Researcher

  • Brand Manager

  • Advertising and Media

  • Promotions

  • Public Relations

  • Retail

  • Administration

  • Manufacturing

  • Distribution and Logistics

Industry Snapshots

  • 240,000 - Employed in manufacturing

  • $63K - Average salary of manufacturing worker

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