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About the Architecture Industry in New Zealand

New Zealand has an active architecture market, especially for large scale, commercial projects. Architecture skills in the residential sector are also in hot demand, mirroring growth in the property and housing market.

Demand for Architects in New Zealand

Chances of getting a job as an architect are average for new graduates but good for those with experience. Demand for architects has remained steady and is expected to stay that way. The strongest demand is in Auckland, with lower demand in regional centres.


Most architects work for small or medium sized practices. Architects in New Zealand also work for:


  • Construction consultancies (organisations that employ experts from different disciplines such as architecture, engineering and interior design)

  • Property development companies

  • Universities, as lecturers.

The Impact of Architecture

Architecture is everywhere, with all buildings designed for their particular purpose: homes, schools, offices, hospitals, and supermarkets.


It is vitally important that these buildings, and in turn the environments they form and the neighbourhoods and cities they are a part of, are designed to be the best possible buildings for their specific context, function and for the people who will use them.

Architecture has the ability to affect material outcomes. It can impact  the way we relate to each other, increase business productivity, support communities and neighbourhoods, improve health, and even decrease crime.

​Architecture also has the power to inspire and delight – it can enhance everyday experiences.

​There is no one-size-fits-all approach in architecture, as each building project should respond to its very unique context: site, climate, social, budget and materials.

Buildings also need to be able to age well, adapt to changing requirements and be flexible in order to accommodate various uses. They also should be built sustainably, in both the materials that they use during construction, as well as  the energy resources that they require to function.

Industry Snapshots

$55K-$75K per year - Architectural graduates average salary

$70K-$140K per year - Architects with more than five years' experience average salary

$90,000 to $140,000 - Senior architects average salary


1900 - Registered architects in New Zealand

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