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Technical Writer and Document Specialist

The Technical Writer and Document Specialist is responsible for driving and completing assigned Operations project work with a key focus on Operations policies, procedures and related knowledge resources, to support a quality system approach to operational excellence. They are responsible for overseeing that all documented sources of operational knowledge, including manuals, induction plans and training guides, remain integrated, aligned, relevant, easily accessible and up to date.

Key responsibilities will include

Review and development of policy and related documentation

Knowledge and Information integration

Document management

Ideally you will have experience in writing policies and procedures, and content management in a large and complex service delivery service. You will be able to demonstrate best practise in document management and online systems in particular with Sharepoint/intranets. You will be an effective planner, you will be organised, show initiative and be able to prioritise effectively.

You will be an articulate communicator – written and verbal, and be able to maintain relationships with various parties.


Policy and Related Documentation Review and Development

• Develop key procedural, policy, reference manuals, process flow maps, user

guides, induction plans and other technical documentation, relevant to

operations roles within Summerset.

• Facilitate meetings and discussions with key stakeholders and subject matter

experts to gather complex information to create clear, concise, accurate


• Ensure Operations policies are reviewed and updated in a timely manner

incorporating best practice, as the Operations SME. Opportunities for

improvement are identified and agreed with Regional Operations Managers

improvement are identified and agreed with Regional Operations Managers

and or policy owners.

• Coordinate and project manage operations and clinical policies via policy

review panels.

• Manage the release and distribution of new and reviewed policies.

• Ensure that any impacts from policy and procedure changes are applied to


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