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Truescape, based in Christchurch, is a globally operating Kiwi success story founded in 1995 by the owner and Chief Executive, Sam Chaffey.

It produces the highest quality ‘intuitive visualisations’ (high-tech imaging/video/audio) and interactive storytelling supporting complex capital projects globally that people cannot understand by just looking at engineering plans, listening to speakers or viewing static photos.

Truescape tells the story of the projects to ensure facts-based engagement by communities, regulators, stakeholders and advocate groups. It turns volumes of complex information into accurate and readily understandable visual outputs – images, videos and interactive. It works mainly internationally and across Fortune 500 companies with a strong United States client base.

As the company is growing through the highest quality work internationally, it is adding this Executive Leadership Team role to lead the commercial development forward. It will oversee the various work streams, and be able to bring visibility to programmes, milestones, values of projects and establish priorities for team resources. The role will bring clarity to the ELT and give confidence in the way the company grows to meet the growing demand.

What we are looking for is the right commercial manager with senior leadership (COO-type) potential who gets the journey of a small but high performing company and can give us the confidence over their programme management skills, commercial approach, high-performing people leadership and strategic insight. There are currently about 25 staff in teams that the person will manage. We want a person who is over these workstreams, ensuring quality, structure, prioritising, and having the right conversations about commercial value and opportunities. This is a key person to anchor the journey of Truescape into the future. The role builds the case for growth of resources on a factual basis.

The fields that an ideal candidate may come from are diverse, but we anticipate that you will have worked in the private sector and can demonstrate a track-record in commercial programme management and can have wider senior management skills added as appropriate. You will understand about working in a smaller company that is ambitious and led by an Owner / Chief Executive. You will be someone who we have confidence in helping Truescape anchor the future growth of this company. Projects are in the field of complex and often misunderstood capital projects internationally that intersect with the environment. We will be looking for people able to understand and operate in that context impartially. You will be able to develop a high-performing staff culture.

Please note that we retain the right to bring a particularly strong candidate through to interview more quickly.

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Posted on: 

3 May 2022