Senior Full-Stack Java Engineer

Alpha Recruitment

Work on Java Full-Stack and JVM based frameworks

Agile environment with knowledge across network, database, UI and API

DevOps, CI/CD, Database schema, Kafka & data streaming

Job Description:

We are seeking Full - Stack Java Developers to work as long-term contractors for one of our large clients.;Position Description;In this rewarding role you will be responsible for innovating, developing, testing, and implementing new software solutions with project and support/maintenance capacities. As a Full-stack Software Engineer, you’ll be expected to have in depth knowledge of the JVM languages such as Java, Kotlin, and Groovy, common frameworks, as well as best practices and patterns. You will also be required to coordinate with business stakeholders in delivering technical solutions. Key responsibilities include;Designing, coding, testing modifications of critical applications.;Assessing, analyzing, and implementing change based on design and request.;Maintaining application support processes and investigating/monitoring issues.;Release and deployment activities.;Working in an Agile environment where you contribute to group knowledge and refinement.;Job Specification;Confident to be an equal team member while stepping up to the mark and taking ownership.;A quick and enthusiastic learning style, adaptable to new environments.;Proactively seek information required to complete a task.;Good written and verbal communication skills.;Strong focus on delivering high quality solutions.;Experience working in Agile environments.;Ability to contribute to all phases of the development lifecycle.;Willingness to collaborate and work as part of a team.;Technical experience required;Significant experience in Java development environments.;Solid knowledge across networking, database, user interface and API.;Experience in dev ops such as CI/CD practices such as pipelines, containerization, deployment automation using Docker, Kubernetes, Chef, and Helm.;Experience working with microservices.;Strong knowledge of API design and best practices.;Experience integrating with third party APIs and systems.;Strong knowledge of database schema design, transactions, queries.;Experience with Kafka and data streaming a plus

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Wed, 21 Apr 2021 00:00:00 +1200