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Company profile

A software suite for automotive performance and workflow, we’re talking luxury and performance vehicles as well as everyday cars. Global and Australasian number in process and performance management software for a generation of businesses. One of the unsung heroes of the New Zealand Tech sector.

Why now

The transformation and rebuild starts now. A strong package with wide market following that is due for contemporary improvements. Think cloud-enablement, enhancements of data usage and integration and mobility to an unseen level in this domain worldwide. To complete this, a budding leader of a small team is needed to build this next stage and grow into the CTO or VP Engineering role. The prototype SaaS solution awaits and with the adoption of modern software and delivery practices, keeping the customer at its heart. Plus, it's about cars, you’ll find plenty of conversations about them if you’d like to.

Your role

Bringing leadership, you’ll be experienced or carry a desire to reach for the delivery and people leadership of a team. Technical hands-on output is required, but will recede to a degree you're comfortable with as you build a crack team around you. There is some dredging of one of the current products to do, built in Clarion (Windows 4GL). Everyone involved knows that this is not what the future looks like, but some work is required to ready the system for migration to a modern tech stack in.Net and contemporary JavaScript Front-End, React or Angular - you’ll have the chance to influence here. The technology roadmap is reaching its first iteration, but your role will be to help guide and implement delivery and engineering practices.

Your fit

A knowledge of current leadership, development, delivery and engineering principles with a willingness to join a team striving to build a remarkable industry solution. You’ll understand modern cloud and software tooling and have an opinion on the way teams and software should be built. Bring it here, you’ll have a chance to lead.

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